For Exercise Providers – Gyms, Recreation Facilities & Studios.

Whether you’re thinking about opening a facility, or you’re already operating, Exercise New Zealand have developed a Tool Kit of resources to help educate and prepare you for a successful operation.

Here’s what’s included in the Tool Kit:

  • Health & Safety and ACC guide/forms
  • Industry research on perceptions of starting/stopping exercise
  • Children’s guideline (both for providers and a guide for parents)
  • Guide for setting up a business
  • Skills Active workforce scan

Other free resources included on this page:

  • Code of ethics
  • Exercise specific Covid-19 resources
  • Music licencing

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Other Free Resources

Code of Ethics

Facilities that have joined EXNZ agree to follow the EXNZ Code of Ethics.


All the appropriate COVID-19 information that is related to our industry is in the link below. There is also a comprehensive framework specific for our industry and other tools to help you operate in a Covid-19 environment.

Music Licencing

In New Zealand, any business that plays music that can be heard by their clients (also known as public performance) is required to get permission from the copyright holders of the music they play.

The purchase of music (Spotify/iTunes/CD/Tape/MP3) does not give permission to publicly perform this music.

The easiest way to obtain this permission is by having a OneMusic Licence.