A High-performance Life

24 July 2023

Apologies – this event has been cancelled – refunds have been issued to all attendees. 












Craig Harper

(B.Ex.Sci., PhD. Candidate) is a fitness industry pioneer who ran gyms through the 80’s, began one-on-one training in 1986, established Australia’s first Personal Training Centre in 1990, employed over 5oo PT’s , built the largest PT facility in the Southern Hemisphere (and three others), co-wrote the first accredited PT course in Australia and lectured thousands of Personal Training and Exercise Science students over three decades.  Craig is regarded as one of Australia’s leading presenters, writers and educators in the areas of health, high-performance, resilience, self-management, leadership, corporate change, communication, personal transformation and more broadly, human behaviour. He has worked as an Exercise Scientist, Corporate Speaker, Business Consultant, High Performance Coach, University Lecturer, AFL Conditioning Coach, Radio Host, TV Presenter, Newspaper Columnist and successful Business Owner. He hosts a high-rating daily podcast called ‘The You Project’, is the author of seven books and is currently completing a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology. 

A High-Performance Life

What does it mean to be a high-performer? In health? Happiness? Fitness? Business? Career? Sport? Relationships? Life? Who succeeds and why? How can we maximise our time, skills, knowledge and talent to produce ‘better’ in our world? How do we turn our goals and dreams (theoretical ‘somethings’) into actual results (real-world ‘somethings’)? How do we deal with fear in its many forms (procrastination, anxiety, low self-esteem, over-thinking, anger, avoidance) and how can we continue to learn, grow and evolve despite our normal human limitations? Why do some people waste their time, opportunities and potential and how can we be the exception? How can we become the calm in the chaos? The leader not the follower? The solution person not the problem person? And in the middle of it all, how can we discover (or maybe, create) our own life purpose? If some or all of these questions resonate with you, this workshop could be the catalyst for a new chapter in the book of YOU.

‘High-Performance’ is an ambiguous term, often used in sporting, academic, corporate, entertainment, science, technology and military contexts. However, in the context of this workshop, we will be exploring high-performance specific to you; your genetics, knowledge, behaviour, age, skill, resources, goals, values and potential. Put simply, it’s about you getting the most out of you. No smoke and mirrors, no three-step plans, no miracle cures or magic pills and no self-help fluff. I’ll do the information and inspiration and hopefully, you’ll do the implementation and transformation.



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