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Industry Updates

Our industry is constantly going through changes, alterations and updates, especially in times of Covid-19.

We keep you informed, updated and on top of any upcoming Government direction, changes to laws, best practices and industry trends that happen and we let you know as soon as it happens.

Guides and Templates

Everything you need to know in 5 concise packages.

We have done all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. We will run over the contents below, so you understand the direct benefits to you and your business.

Operating a Facility 1.01

Membership Agreements 1.02

HR & Employment 1.03

Health & Safety 1.04

Unsupervised Facilities 1.05

Operating a Facility 1.01

Whether you’re opening your first gym or need a structured resource to align the necessities to run a smooth operation, this guide has everything you need to know – a must have.

  • Volume restrictions in classes
  • Membership retention
  • Under 18 Laws and Agreements
  • Childcare Regulations
  • Disputes tribunal
  • Radio frequencies
  • Insurance
  • Corporate Wellness Programmes
  • IRD – contractors vs employees
  • Membership Contracts
  • Credit Contracts
  • Intellectual Property

Membership Agreements 1.02

Includes a sample membership agreement, a full explanatory guide on how to build your own, what clauses to consider and why to use them. This agreement has been proven and tested as well as meeting all the requirements identified by the Commerce Commission in their review of the industry’s practices.

  • Lump sum vs Payment over time
  • Freezing & transfer policies
  • Notice periods, cooling off periods
  • Signature and initialing guidelines and rules
  • Editable Membership Agreement

HR and Employment 1.03

Employment issues in the fitness industry are fairly common and we help you with easy to follow flowcharts and guides of ‘how to’ face these challenges. The areas of focus are around accidents, employment, disciplinary actions, redundancy, and health and safety. This guide also includes contracts for both group exercise instructors, as well as personal trainers.

  • Types of employment
  • Employment agreements
  • Legal issues
  • Probation periods
  • Fixed term agreements
  • Minimum leave entitlements
  • Notice periods
  • Public holidays
  • Ending an employment relationship
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Performance/misconduct
  • Redundancy Managing long-term illness
  • Dismissal procedures
  • Workplace accident reporting

Health and Safety 1.04

A comprehensive guide, framework and sample templates for exercise facilities in New Zealand to meet WorkSafe NZ legal requirements to operate. We’ve done all the research and developed the templates, so you can focus on your specific issues.

  • Key industry issues to address
  • Risk Matrix
  • Obligations of owners, managers and staff
  • Working with contractors
  • Reporting rules
  • Health & Safety Templates

Unsupervised Facilities 1.05

This document helps exercise facilities identify the issues to consider when operating an unsupervised exercise facility.

This guide applies to 24/7 facilities, as well as those that have an exercise space that has periods of no supervision. The guide has been developed to list the various areas that need to be considered when operating such an exercise space, as well as providing guidance as to where to get further information from WorksafeNZ and ACC.

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